Diabetes is something that cycling with me since 21 years ago, I’m 41. The blue O Project regarding the disclosure of diabetes disease associated with the practice of MTB, talking, discussing and to clarifying some aspects, from who has to deal with these two situations simultaneously.

4ª São Silvestre dos Madeiros, Castelo Branco, 10K

Neste Natal...
Com uma mão agarra um amigo.
Com as duas mãos agarras muitos mais!
O que é teu, não deixes fugir ;)
Feliz Natal 2016.
This Christmas...
With one hand grab a friend.
With both you grab many more!
What is yours, do not let it run away ;)
Merry Christmas 2016
#ChangingDiabetes - Novo Nordisk Portugal
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Polisport Bicycle
Silincode Portugal
Garmin Portugal - #ciclonatur
Freego Bolsas Para Insulina